Mapton – Some kind of map application

Mapton is an easy to use map application that runs on your desktop.

The core of Mapton is centered around a toolbox and a rich set of background maps and imagery.

Mapton combines the simplicity of a mobile app with the capability of being extensible with powerful custom plugins.

On its own, Mapton is a capable map application, however, Mapton is also a platform for domain specific GIS related plugin development.

Version 1.1.3 was released 2019-08-07 and is available in the download section.


  • Free and Open Source
  • Runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows
  • Bookmark support
  • Image export
  • Open location in external programs*
  • Copy location to various formats*
  • Coordinate transformation*
  • Chart rendering
  • Time aware
  • Measuring tool**
  • Different map providers*
    • Google Maps
    • NASA WorldWind
    • Open Street Map
    • OpenLayers
  • Different map styles*
    • Many included
  • Different search engines*
    • Bookmarks
    • GeoNames
    • Google Maps
    • Nominatim (by OSM)
  • Light and dark themes
  • (data) Update manager*
  • WMS**

*  Extensible via plugins
**WorldWind MapEngine only