Mapton – Some kind of map application

Mapton is an easy to use map application that runs on your desktop.

Mapton combines the simplicity of apps with the capability of being extensible with custom plugins.

The core of Mapton is centered around a toolbox and a rich set of background maps and imagery.


  • Runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows
  • Bookmark support
  • Image export
  • Open location in external programs
    • …extensible via plugins
  • Copy location to various formats
    • …extensible via plugins
  • Coordinate transformation
    • …extensible via plugins
  • Different map providers
    • Google Maps
    • NASA WorldWind
    • Open Street Map
    • …extensible via plugins
  • Different map styles
    • Many included
    • …extensible via plugins
  • Different search engines
    • Bookmarks
    • GeoNames
    • Nominatim (by OSM)
    • …extensible via plugins
  • Plugin mechanism ­čÖé

If you are interested in writing plugins for Mapton you should read the For developers section.