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Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be changed in the options dialog, here are the defaults.


Context menu: Open the menu
Ctrl+,: Options
Ctrl+F: Find (activate search field)
Ctrl+Q: Quit

F1: Help
F11: Full screen
F12: Display only map

Windows & pop overs

Ctrl+B: Bookmarks
Ctrl+D: Date selector
Ctrl+K: POI
Ctrl+L: Layers
Ctrl+M: Activate Map
Ctrl+S: Type & Style
Ctrl+T: Toolbox


Ctrl+H: Go home


Left: Pan left
Right: Pan right
Up: Pan up
Down: Pan down

Shift+Up: Tilt up
Shift+Down: Tilt down

Shift+Left: Rotate right
Shift+Right: Rotate left

Ctrl+Up: Zoom in
Ctrl+Down: Zoom out