The basics

Mapton is written in Java and is based atop the Apache NetBeans Platform (NBP).

Some of the main advantages of the NBP for Mapton is the Window system, the Plugin manager and the Lookup system.

NBP is based on the Swing GUI framework but Mapton is a hybrid using JavaFX where possible and Swing when necessary. In practice, Swing is used for top level windows and dialogs.


The public classes are located in a couple of api packages. These classes provides extension points and other useful stuff. Please do note that the API is far from being stable.

Extending Mapton

Have a look at the source of the Demo module, it will contain examples on how to extend Mapton with a custom plugin.

The source

The source is hosted at

Building Mapton

The following steps will guide you to successful build of Mapton.


Install git, maven, a Java 8 SDK (with JavaFX).

Clone and build Mapton

​​git clone --depth 1 --branch v1.1.3
cd mapton
mvn package
#List resulting zip file
ls -la application/target/mapton*.zip
#Run Mapton