Grid Painter part 2

The Grid Painter now supports the painting of custom local grids in any supported coordinate system. The next step is to add a nice label rendering.


A new feature just landed in Mapton, a Report “container”. It’s just a normal window with a tree view to the left and available space in the center.

When creating a report one has only to hook up to the extension point and then the platform will take care of the rest.

A simple bookmark report has been included but I know of report implementations that connects to external databases, generates files,  and so on. Mapton is ready to display your report – the rest is up to the plugin developer.

Zoom extents

It’s now possible to pan and zoom to the extents of a group of bookmarks.

Grid Painter

Now there is a Grid Painter module for WorldWind in Mapton.

Support for custom and much more local grids will be added in the (near?) future. Until then, enjoy this one.

Instant and regular search

The search function has been improved so it will perform instant searches as you type for search engines marked as “instant” and the other engines will be used when hitting Ctrl+Enter.

In the image below the Bookmark engine and the (local) GeoNames engine will be searched instantly while Nominatim as an online service will only be used when hitting Ctrl+Enter.