New snapshot available

Enjoy the new snapshot.

Some of the changes since the last snapshot

  • Improve WorldWind zoom behavior
  • Move cache directory from ~/.config/mapton/cache to ~/.cache/mapton
  • Add Hydro & Sentinel 2 imagery
  • Add “map engine global” zoom control
  • Add bookmark color support
  • Add search action shortcut (ctrl+f)
  • …and a couple of minor fixes and tweaks

Colorized bookmarks

Mapton now supports colorized bookmarks.

It’s up to each map engine to use the bookmarks color and ME WorldWind is the first one out to do just that.

Hello Wikipedia!

It is now possible to browse Wikipedia articles from within Mapton. The list in the lower right corner is populated with a location based search in the map’s context menu.

Improved bundled Reports

As mentioned earlier in Reports, Mapton has a report container.

The bundled reports has now been improved to display the usage of some API components, this report can serve as an inspiration of contributing to Mapton by adding implementations.

The purpose of this report container is to have a placeholder for custom reports, some of them in not so open plugins.