Mapton goes AppImage

Mapton is now available as an AppImage.

If you have the bauh package manager or similar, you can use that one too to get hold of Mapton.

This AppImage is self-contained and runs on system as old as Ubuntu 16.04, in spite of all the goodies from Java 11 and JavaFX 14.


HiDPI – a huge improvement

As of today, Mapton now supports UI scaling.

It’s available in the development branch and in the new snapshot.

Start mapton with an argument like this:

mapton --fontsize 24

or edit your $MAPTON_INSTALL_DIR/etc/mapton.conf like this:

default_options="--branding mapton -J-Xss2m -J-Dnetbeans.logger.console=true -J-ea --fontsize 24"

fontsize 12 equals scale 1.0, so 24 will double it.


New snapshot available

Enjoy the new snapshot.

Some of the changes since the last snapshot

  • Improve WorldWind zoom behavior
  • Move cache directory from ~/.config/mapton/cache to ~/.cache/mapton
  • Add Hydro & Sentinel 2 imagery
  • Add “map engine global” zoom control
  • Add bookmark color support
  • Add search action shortcut (ctrl+f)
  • …and a couple of minor fixes and tweaks